Review: The Building Press

The Building Press
““Amplitude of Frequencies Over Time””
(Woodson Lateral Records)

Yo, boys are taking it scientific on your ass.  They got this diagram of time, amplitude, and frequencies right on the disc to really let you know what their understanding of sound is.  I’d say these ideas and tracks like “Of A Window” are pretty deep for the average listener.  As a non-vocal group one must pride themselves on off-beat time signatures and the use of crazy ass noise to really attract listeners.  The Building Press strikes me as a fairly analytical bunch that analyzes and changes their tracks until it all just melts into one copasetic idea.  “Amplitude of Frequencies Over Time” is not the most overtly liberal piece of work I have ever heard, but the musical tricks are subtle and nice.  There is no doubt in my mind that listeners of Tortoise and Godspeed! You Black Emperor will find something here.