Review: Cady Finlayson

Cady Finlayson
“Shines like Silver”
(Cady Finlayson)

In producing this record, Cady (pronounced “Caddy”) seeks to document the American-Irish sound of fiddle music. Her warm and upbeat presentation of instrumental reels, work songs, jigs and more is directed toward appealing to all ages of a contemporary audience. Cady is deeply rooted in these traditions though and even a Celtic purist will appreciate her take on “For Ireland” and Turlough O’Carolan’s “Planxty Irwin.” Only a hard-hearted folk traditionalist could not smile and enjoy the world percussion fused onto the American folk songs “This Old Hammer” and “Streets of Laredo” that Caddy’s mother sang to her. Cady is a top American fiddler with a Master of Music from Mannes College (New York City) and is a protégé of Brian Conway.