Review: Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag
“Start From Scratch”
(Go Kart Records)

“Start From Scratch”  is somewhat of a Frankenstien style phenomenon, let me explain.  We have the more or less standard pop-punk sound which is the main angle on this album.   But scattered throughout “Start from Scratch” are pockets of glam metal. I’m talking about metal leads, verses, the whole nine yards.  It’s really wierd to go from Farside sounding pop, to Great White solos complete with harmonic squeals.  The pop punk side of this may appeal to those who were fans of Seaweed, Samiam, and other early 90’s pop punk.  I don’t think the general public is ready to relive metal but why not, I guess Capture the Flag could be ahead of their time.  It’s alive Egor!  It’s alive!  HAHAHAHA!!!