Review: The Catheters

The Catheters
“Static Delusions and Stone-still Days”
(Sub Pop Records)

The Catheters sound pretty much like you would expect a band calling themselves The Catheters to sound: rough, angry, and loud.  Their DIY aesthetic, heavy on distortion, could easily be mistaken for the noise coming from the thirteen year-olds practicing in your neighbor’s garage.  Add to this the fact that abrasive singer Brian sounds a lot like a shriller Billy Corgan as he screeches his way through “Static Delusions and Stone-still Days,” and it’s tempting to dismiss The Catheters as rather amateurish.  On the other hand, I can call them “raw” or “rough around the edges,” maybe even “unwashed,” but it doesn’t change the fact that The Catheters rock, especially on tracks like “3000 Ways” and “Bleary Haze.”  “Static Delusions and Stone-still Days” is likeable and worthwhile for that
reason: The Catheters rock.