Review: Coachwhips

“Bangers vs. Fuckers”
(Narnack Records)

On the Coachwhips third release “Bangers vs. Fuckers,” frontman John Dwyer seems to have finally recorded the album he’s always wanted: unabashed punk rock with low-fi production quality, giving the listener a live and raw recording – staying much closer to the music’s true ethos and intentions. This record makes you feel like you’re at someone’s garage listening to some obscure, yet extremely talented band. Which is fairly ironic, because the Coachwhips prefer playing at people’s houses, basements, lofts, and even once at a Bay Area bus stop where they found an available power outlet after being kicked off the bill for a benefit for Women’s Breast Cancer.

Though the days of playing the floor are certainly fleeting as the Coachwhips are garnering some serious attention on both sides of the pond. The Coachwhips are essentially Dwyer on guitar and vocals with a rotating line-up of drummers and keyboardists. It’s somewhat minimalist punk rock – but it’s also one of the best and exciting albums to have emerged from America’s over-crowded underground in quite some time. The raw guitar licks that are predominant throughout the album coexist perfectly with Dwyer’s often-undecipherable lyrics, which he sing-screams like a carnival barker without a care in the world. The Coachwhips kick some serious ass, and “Bangers vs. Fuckers” is an amazing record! A great punk album crafted by one of America’s most talented and charismatic musicians. I said Coachwhips beeyatch!