Review: Converge

““Unloved and Weeded Out””
(Deathwish Inc.)

Among the sea of mediocre emotional metal, a solid rock stands high above every crashing wave that never ceases to fall short of its potential. The upstanding group: Converge, a band that has been daring and experimental, subsequently shaping the face of hardcore and metal for close to 12 years.
Their newest release, “Unloved and Weeded Out,” is actually a collaboration of prior achievements, containing live tracks, demos, and other songs from prior studio sessions, unreleased b-sides and rarities.

Throughout the record, I can’t say that there is any one direction the band takes; rather, all of the songs interact and run together to make the compilation feel like more of a band biography. The songs off of their demo are full of incredibly technical guitar parts countered by emotional, heavy breakdowns, with vocals ranging from blisteringly aggressive to piercing highs.

The introductory riff to “When Forever Comes Crashing,” and the insanity-inspired “Towing Jehovah” stood out as amazing demo tracks, though the entire album is carried and introduced by a newer song, “Downpour.” This song helps convey the incredible speed of the band, the technicality in timing and structure, and the heavy, relentless emotion in each song.

To every Converge fan, you should already own this record. To every other metal band in the world, pick this up…you may learn something.