Review: Copeland

“Beneath Medicine Tree”
(The Militia Group)

We all know that there has been a huge influx of emo bands pouring from the broken hearts, and sad childhoods of people everywhere.  Many of these emo bands are painfully sappy, not to mention very cliche.  Then there are bands like Copeland.  These musicans have dialed in their sound and harmonies so that the songs are truly unique, artistic, and very powerful.  Yes, I would classify them as emo.  Straight up, cloudy day, everything hurts, I can over come this, emo.  But, very good emo.

Copeland bares resemblances to other well known genre mates such as, Jimmy Eat World, and Saves the Day.  In standard emo fashion, the lyrics revolve around personal tragedy, and (suprise!) the struggle to over come them.   Warm expressive guitars, great vocal harmonies, solid, sometimes jazzy drumming, and dreamy keyboards. “Beneth Medicine Tree” is a great album, even if your a real tough guy.