Review: Cosmosquad

(Marmaduke Records)

“Squadrophenia”? The Who do these guys think they are?  Questionable choice of album title aside, Cosmosquad puts forth a pretty cool effort here.  Opting to go the instrumental route, Cosmosquad is a trio without a singer that plays a kind of jazzy, jam band rock that features a heavy dose of frilly guitar playing from Jeff Kollman.  Percussionist Shane Gaalaas deserves credit for laying down some intense rhythms, especially on “Road to Tanzania / Tribal Trance.”  The most interesting piece from “Sqaudrophenia,”
however, is the all-too-brief “Godzilla’s Revenge,” which really captures those shining moments when a two-hundred-foot tall lizard stormed the doomed metropolis of Tokyo.  It’s the only moment on the album when you’ll miss the sound of human voices- the cornball screams from an old matinee flick would have fit right in.