Review: Czech Assault

Various Artists
“Czech Assault”
(Relapse Records)

I’m speechless.  I really don’t know what to say about this bunch since the entire album is one gigantically loud blur.   This extreme death metal compilation features five different bands: Imperial Foeticide, Intervalle Bizarre, Negligent Collateral Collapse, Fleshless and Contrastic.   Never before have I ever heard music this obnoxiously terrifying and insanely evil.  Living up to its name, “Czech Assault” expends its force to overthrow the reigning society.  The first six songs are from Imperial Foeticide featuring a Ministry influence like no other.  Tracks seven through eleven comprise Negligent Collateral Collapse’s set with their nonsense botches of disheveled crap.  Contrastic’s set, tracks 12-16, is like a diamond in the rough.  Sandwiched between poor performances, Contrastic shows off their amazing abilities while making it interesting.  Unfortunately you move into Intervalle Bizarre’s territory reminiscent of death and dismemberment occurring while conscious.  Finally, Fleshless closes out the CD with a strange set of songs ending with the ever popular “A Dank Smell of Rotten Ovulation”.  Makes you hungry, huh?  As you can see this is a very odd and useless CD with little to offer except recruitment into Charles Manson’s newest group of murdering imbeciles (you did play this album backwards, didn’t you?).