Review: The DaoSon For

The DaoSon For
(Country Club Records)

It’s finally happened!  A third of (and sometime a quarter of) the genius behind “Creedle” has formed a killer jazz, punk, spaghetti western, funk, soundtrack-like band.  “The DaoSon For” includes Devon Goldberg (Creedle, Morricone Youth), John Castro (Morricone Youth, Jewel) and Jefferson Rabb (Morricone Youth) who meld together to form a truly innovative group.

Unlike anything else you have ever heard, “The DaoSon For” will take you on a trip through so many different styles of music you will puke from motion sickness.  Awesome!  Kicking into the album is track 1, “The Sprawler” with its funky drum groove and tight bass/guitar lines.  This track surely sounds like something out of a Johnny Depp movie.  Track 2; ahh track 2, “Co-work Co.”, is a Creedle re-make with little different except the sax line has been substituted with an organ.  This relatively slow groove sets up a slower rock-like tune reminiscent of a Beatles/Pink Floyd collaboration, “The Drawler” (track 6).   Throw in yet another Creedle tune, (only ever played live) “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” with its latin-punk-noisescape and you find yourself on the verge of heaven.  Another song worth mentioning is a very Pixie-inspired “The Crawler” with its minor chord antics that keep you glued to the headphones.

““The DaoSon For” album is overall a hugely impressive, amazingly intense album with many intelligent components which leaves the listener impressed.  So grab yourself some Vietnamese food, throw in this CD and launch yourself into a coma.