Review: Dark Tranquility

Dark Tranquility
“Exposures: In Retrospect and Denial”
(Century Media)

I love it when bands do this.  Gather a bunch of their past material and release it in one tidy package. This has two discs.  One is selected tracks from 3 different full lengths, an EP and a demo.  The second disc is 19 tracks of a live show recorded in Poland in 2002.  So you get a good dose of Dark Tranquility with this release.

Musically, the band hits with that melodic European metal style.  Harsher vocals.  Soaring dual guitars. Large gothic keyboards.  Good metal.  An experienced band and it shows in the songs structures as the band can tear ahead full speed, or lull it down into a softer technical display of guitar prowess.  Quality Euro-metal all the way, packaged in an almost “greatest hits/live” type release.  Good score for the metalheads.