Review: Darryl Blood

Darryl Blood
““This isn’’t Goodbye””
(BlueScant Recording Corporation)

There’’s just something about a career four-tracker (sometimes turned eight-tracker) that just sort of grabs me.  This fine young chap has been putting together home recordings for over ten years and is just now being noticed for his pop-ballads.  In my mind the most celebrated American four-tracker is probably Elliott Smith, which I’d say Darryl Blood shares some qualities with.

Although Smith uses pretty much just himself and an acoustic guitar and Darryl utilizes percussion and a mixture of low-fi effects with his guitar, there’s something special about songwriters who are completely secluded from the world.  Four-trackers tend to get locked in their own mind and that makes for brilliant whimsical tracks that are honest, open, and true.  It’s weird, but seclusion can teach you a lot about yourself and in this case seclusion taught Darryl how to be comfortable in his skin.  I’m ready to track down every recording this guy has ever made.  Admirable.