Review: Dataclast vs. the Earwigs

Dataclast vs. the Earwigs
“Split CD”
(Crucial Blast)

Dataclast is first up on this CD split between two bands, and if I say I’ve never heard anything like it before, then please excuse me because I HAVE never heard anything like it before.  Truly, must be heard to be believed.  I thought my CD player was all fucked.  The thing sounds like it’s skipping around, digital noises, over-driven low end, surreal fleeting silences, hyperactive keyboards, death metal style vocals.  I’d think the whole thing was one terrible joke if it weren’t so darned interesting.

My main fault with it is 97% of it was recorded in the red.  I have studio quality speakers and even they’re not taking this too well.  There’s 29 songs by these Dataclast maniacs and I’ll be damned if I get it, but that’s probably irrelevant.  No guitars.  Earwigs are up next with their six songs.  They’re more an ambient noise band.  I can’t describe it.  Think of the soundtrack from Eraserhead.  That’s the best I can do.  Sort of bland after the intoxicating whirlwind of Dataclast.