Review: David Dondero

David Dondero
“Shooting at the Sun with a Water Gun…”
(Future Farmer)

According to the press sheet, Ex-Sunbrain member David Dondero is now some kind of folky, beat wanderer.  The first thing you’re going to think when you hear this is Bright Eyes, but Dondero actually has a little more Lou Barlow freakiness in him than Conor Oberst (Mr. Oberst actually sites Dondero as one of his own vocal influences).  His lyrics are great (check out “The Real Tina Turner”) and he deconstructs the singer-songwriter medium enough to keep the songs from ever being more sensitive, precious, guitar-plucking-and-moaning tripe.  It doesn’t seem like he expects to go far, as shooting at the sun with a water gun sounds like a pretty futile activity, but he’s aiming high and doesn’t seem to be drying out.  Go, Dave, go.