Review: Dead to Fall

Dead to Fall
““Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces”
(Victory Records)

Back to the basics with this new record.  That’s right, fast paced heavy guitars, deep bass lines, and growling coming from one of the hardcore capitals of the world, Chicago.  So why buy this album as opposed to others?  The drummer of this band kicks some major ass with the double bass and fast as fuck breakdowns.  Let’s see someone doing Tae Bo get as much exercise as this guy does playing the drums.  To compliment the drummer lead singer Jon Hunt violently growls his lyrics like the devil compels him.  I can tell that Jon believes in his music.  Also, harmonies are prevalent in the guitars creating two distinct parts that compliment one another very well.  My favorite track is definitely “Words Ignored” because it really showcases the talent of each member of Dead To Fall.  Metal is alive and as good as it ever has been.  Bands like Dead To Fall are the reasons why this remains true.  Look, you know Victory Records is home to some pretty kick ass bands and they do not disappoint with Dead To Fall’s “Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces.”