Review: Denison Marrs

Denison Marrs
“Then Is The New Now””
(Floodgate Records)

This is probably the best Christian album I have heard since the first Five Iron Frenzy album many moons ago.  While FIF is third-wave ska with a little metal for good measure denison marrs is jam packed with inspired cooing and epic breakdowns on the rock tip.  I made it a point to say best CHRISTIAN band because Christian bands normally lack that edge most bands can enjoy without the religious stigma held over their heads.

You really need to be in touch with yourself and like music for music when you hear singer Eric Collins hit high notes like elbow or Dropsonic without the edge of the aforementioned.  With tracks like “this must be love”, “rescue mission” (remember, they’re Christian), and “send me an angel” you realize these guys are not for the less demonstrative and will not revolutionize your music experiences in any respect, but it still sounds good.  I’ve already used them as a party favor while some friends were over and it went over fairly good.  Unfortunately, I see these guys becoming Creedish in the future.