Review: Disillusion

“The Porter”
(Voice of Life Records)

This is a review of a single.  This is a magazine published in America.  Our core audience of readers are Americans and Americans, especially fans of niche and alternative music, do not buy singles.  Therefore, this review will not get anyone to go out and pick up this single by Disillusion, but what I want this review to do is to get you eager for their full length coming out later this year.

This is the, hands down, best melodic death metal I’ve heard, and that’s with only two songs worth of music to go off of here.  Now, I know everyone and their melodic death metal loving grandmas simply adored the last album by Dark Tranquility, and I was no different.  I gave them a laudatory review, and they deserved it (still do for that matter).  I gave Dark Tranquility applause and bravos, but I’d like to say I’ll heap more of that on Disillusion.  Let’s hope they carry this torch all the way to the death-Olympics and ignite a full-length album of equal intensity but greater brilliance.