Review: The Distillers

The Distillers
“Coral Fang”

Even though she may be the most hated woman in punk rock for dumping Tim Armstrong (Rancid), it’s Brody Armstrong’s music that is under the microscope today, not her personal life. The success of the Distillers’ previous album “Sing Sing Death House”, and more importantly, the success of the song “City Of Angels”, has afforded the band the opportunity to move on to a major label for the release of “Coral Fang”. Even with the hype of a major label behind them, the Distillers have still managed to turn in a powerful album chock full of rock.

Right off the bat it’s almost impossible to escape the similarities between Brody’s singing and that of Courtney Love during Hole’s “Live Through This” album. Despite that, this is pretty much exactly what you’ve come to expect from a Distillers album: fast, chuggy, punk rock anthems. There are some more somber moments throughout “Coral Fang”, like “The Hunger”, that see the band trying to explore new territory in order to avoid becoming stagnant and it works with moderate success. Will this album bring the band to the level of success they are hoping for? I don’t think it will make them mega-stars but their fanbase will definitely grow. Is a decent record worthy of your $12? Fuck yeah.