Review: Divide By Zero

Divide By Zero
(Sinister Label)

With a growl reminiscent of Russ Rankin from Good Riddance and the throbbing, full bodied guitars of Bad Religion, Divide By Zero’s five-track EP is a tragically too-short EP that will surely leave you wishing for more.  With beats that fall just to the punk side of metal and a brief smattering of harmony, “Mirrors” is that rare album that will have you scouring the net for LP release dates months in advance.

Heavy, fast, and relentlessly bleak, “Alleys & Ways to Patterson” explodes with the violently spat lyric, “The stars collide” over and over again, working the surrounding tumult into a roaring tempest of thunderous riffs.  The same ethic is played out again and again on the album, resulting in several songs that are probably a little too long, but it’s tough to argue with a band capable of making such a succinct, devastating sound.

TJ Milici’s throaty vocals hover about the swirling chaos of the music, pushing the sound forward as it bites you in the face.  If you’re not stoked by now then you can’t read and you can put the magazine back on the rack and stop trying to look smart.