Review: Divine Empire

Divine Empire

This is what one might call “old school death metal”.  And it’s good old school death metal.  It hardly seems right to me, who was into the metal scene when death metal first reared its ugly head out of the Florida swamps, that I use such a phrase as “old school death metal”, but I guess the time has come.  Shit, Limp Bizkit calls themselves “old school” and they’re unproven, underdeveloped abortions, therefore, (and lord how I hate making a Limp Bizkit reference in order to legitimize my word choice) using the words “old school death metal” are justified by a bunch of ten year old cry-babies calling themselves “old school”.

There is nothing that really makes this band stand out.  All the playing is exceptional and the vocals are strong and full à la early Morbid Angel.  They tweak us here and there with little squealing false harmonics, kick in Kerry King inspired solos (although those are brief and sparse) and slap us with liberal doses of double bass.  Lyrically they have an anti-war song, some walking dead stuff and the usual torrents of violent imagery.  If it’s what you’re looking for then by all means indulge.