Review: Dogwood

(Tooth & Nail)

Word up!  Full on punk influenced rock music with clean deep vocals that can really sustain.  I think this is the first Tooth & Nail band that I’ve really liked in a long time.  For those of you keeping track I really dig “Seismic”, “Sunsets Are But Once A Day”, and “Last Of The Lost” because they just kick ass.  At their best Dogwood put bands like NOFX to shame.  Shit, now I really want to go listen to Diesel Boy or Millencolin and get irie.

The best thing about bands like this is that they are fun as hell and not too far off course for any listener.  I put this disk on while we were playing quarters one night and had to make four copies by the night’s end.  Every time I throw on a new disk at my house it costs me a butt load of burned CDs.  Ah well, me and my friends are getting down to Dogwood, why don’t you try.