Review: Down by Law

Down by Law
“Windward Tides and Wayward Sails”
(Union Label Group)

Raw and full of life, Down by Law holds steadfast to the principles that make punk what it is.  This may not be their strongest work, but the familiar zaftig melodies are still there along with Dave Smalley’s vocals, emotive and powerful.  Chock full of the usual swirling guitar lines and high-energy hooks, you have to work at keeping your head from bouncing around in silly agreement.

The lyrics aren’’t especially intelligent or too deep, but by the end of the album you feel an odd call to action whether it’s to inhale a twelve-pack of beer or to try and change the world, which is obviously the stamp of any good band.  They have some tongue-in-cheek fun with “I Wanna Be in AC/DC”, and reward you later with a traditional punk anthem, “Kickdown”.  “Windward Tides and Wayward Sails” is yet another favorable installment in Down by Law’s altruistic contribution to punk music and fans won’t be disappointed.