Dream Evil

Dream Evil
“Dragon Slayer”
(Century Media)

No way, dude.  What’s this?  Heavy metal.  [laughs]  What they singin’ dude?  Chasing the dragon.  That’s too funny.  This dude I know called the Magic Gnome, he plays at the park in my drum circle, he got totally spaced one night on window pane and ran up and down Haight trying to catch this dragon. Nobody knew what to do so we just let him wig out, but it turned into a major bummer when the dragon, the dragon he was chasing, turned out to be this pitbull and ate off his friends face.  Holy, fuck right?  Okay, but wait, the pitbull stuff, that’s what Moonstar said, but she was having this worse trip ever where she like couldn’t even smoke dope anymore it was bumming her out so much.  She thought the bong was a phone and that the bong was bugged by the pigs.  When I like held it out to her she totally went crazy and almost broke it man and it was four foot Graffix.  Man, that would’ve been the worst night ever, but when The Magic Gnome came back he had a dead poodle tied to his belt and kept screaming about being a mighty dragon slayer.  We all just about died.  But the chick whose pad we were hanging at, Vegan Val, who’s a vegan, she really got uptight about The Magic Gnome flinging that bloody dead poodle around and kicked us all out and…
Oh, what?  The CD?  It’s giving me bad vibes and the dude keeps screaming like a girl.