Review: Drunk Injuns

Drunk Injuns
“From Where the Sun Now Stands I Will Fight No More Forever”
(Alternative Tentacles)

Drunk Injuns are skate punk band from the early 1980’s and the songs on this CD were recorded in that period.  What that means for all y’all is that this is probably the most accessible these songs have ever been on compact disc. Skate punk is a genre I don’t fully understand.  I say that because the Drunk Injuns do not sound like what I’d expect skate punk to sound like.  What did I expect skate punk to sound like?  Well, fast paced, somewhat surf-oriented with stupid lyrics about shredding, grinding and gleaming the cube with bratty sounding vocals.  But this is not at all the sound of the Drunk Injuns, which is slow paced, thoughtful and rather dark in tone.  The album does sound like it was recorded in a warehouse with more room tone filling the mix than you’d find in all of Black Sabbath’s albums combined. Basically, don’t let the label of skate punk make you afeared of giving this album a listen and since it’s released on “Alternative Tentacles” that means you can direct your internet browser over to their website that’s conveniently located at and download a sample song or two to see what you think.