Review: Elaine Summers

Elaine Summers
(ESP Records)

Elaine Summers appeared in the film Almost Famous singing with her partner, bandmate and producer Pete Droge. Droge produced this album that also features him on various guitars and background vocals. As such, this album seems a natural extension of his American release Find a Door. This is the second record for Summers who has contributed songs to such films as Homegrown, Coming Soon, Stone Cold, Love & Sex, Hometown Legend as well as the TV series Felicity. The music here is upbeat and largely uplifting songs rooted in 60s country soul, hence the presence of Gram Parsons cover “Just Can’t Take it Anymore.” Fans of Sheryl Crow will find it easy to appreciate this album. (Incidentally, lead guitarist Pete Stroud tours in Sheryl Crow’s band.)