Review: Erik Larson

Erik Larson
“The Resounding”
(Small Stone)

Alabama Thunder Pussy drummer Erik Larson steps out on his own for his solo debut, 12 songs of regurgitated Sabbath riffs, 70s high school band vocals and trite lyrics. Unlike Pussy, Larson can’t find the metallic groove to keep the music even remotely interesting. He offers a “Louder than Love”-era Soundgarden riff on “Our Voice” that’s mildly entertaining but very far from the visceral grip that Kim Thayil locked on listeners.

The biggest problem is Larsen, at times reminiscent of Rob Zombie, cannot sing. He shifts between melodic, supposedly spooky whispers and embarrassingly horrid growls. Larsen slows it down on the acoustic opening to “Make It,”, a cautionary tale for aspiring rock and rollers. It’s pretty painful to listen to, but his lyrics on “I Feel Like Ted Nugent” outshine the other laughable moments on the album: “I feel like Ted Nugent/But I know I’m just a man/And I’ll Do All I can/So I need to find some strength.” Sounds more like post-core than a tribute to the Nuge. Larson is the Ray Cappo of Southern metal.