Review: E*Rock

“Conscious CD”
(Audio Dregs Recordings)

You know I hate electro as much as the next guy.  Unless, of course, the next guy is a Cat-in-the-Hat-hat-wearing, glow stick munching, robot dancing fag.  E*Rock is one of those electro bands.  And they’re not that bad.  I’m not saying I’m ready for the Cat-in-the-Hat-hat or anything like that, but I think if I was programming a video game, I’d hire this guy to do the audio.  “Conscious CD” is electro music without all of the annoyingness; no break beats or vocal samples repeated ad nauseum, no seizure inducing, hyper kinetic rhythms, or record scratching.

No, E*Rock is much more on the mellow side of ambient, approaching a deft, poppy sound, replete with flutes, toy instruments, guitars and synthesizers.  The organic and freewheeling nature of the eleven tracks allow for plenty of originality within “Conscious CD”, resulting in quite a few little gems as well as a track or two (“Lightest Blue”) that sound more like a mismatch of hippies with too much time on their hands.  I don’t know many electro people with attention spans long enough to make it through an entire review, so this thing is probably falling on deaf ears, but that’s your loss, crackhead.