Review: Error “Error”


So, right at the top of Error’s new five song CD is a sticker indicating that Error is an electro-hardcore-punk band. My instant reaction to this was, long silence and an irritated stare. As it turns out, electro-hardcore-punk is the new industrial. Error sounds a lot like Ministry crossed with Prodigy. All the grumpy overweight kids with purple striped stockings and black lipstick will go ga-ga for this mechanized musicianship. There’s lots of synth work, a drum machine that is continuously changing tempos and pitch, distorted chunky vocals, some guitars, and plenty of samples. Error maintains a techno metal vibe throughout the distance of the album which infrequently, if ever, sounds punk. Each song spasms and buzzes like a computer having an error. Get it! Crazy computer error, crazy band. If you like industrial music, oops! I mean electro-hardcore-punk, than you may want to give Error a shot.

Thom C