Review: Evergreen Terrace

Evergreen Terrace
“Losing All Hope is Freedom”

Wahh? This release is like forty years old. Actually, it’s two, but that’s a long time in music years. Two years ago, Earth Crisis was a band, those goofy numetal clowns in Slipknot were popular and I lived 17 miles from where I do now. I’d actually only heard the rumor, not the band, but let me say, Evergreen Terrace is fucking dice. It’s like early 90’s hardcore from Jersey crawled out of some dusty crate buried in someone’s 1987 Caprice and rocked.

Totally brutal hardcore, thick riffs and with that tone deaf double kick, all that shit. This is what Helmet’s first album “Born Annoying” woulda sounded like if Page Hamilton listened to hardcore. Evergreen Terrace came through my town with 18 Visions once a long time ago, and now I’m pissed I missed it. Definitly worth it. Wait, what’s this? A cover of Bloody Sunday? Hey now!