Review: Fall With Me

Fall With Me
“Rise, Phoenix, Rise”

Have you guys been to that Brookestone store recently?  Sure, it’s a snobby, yuppie store, but those back massagers they have there are incredible.  After just a few minutes sitting on that one with the four different massaging zones, I’m absolute jelly.  I have a feeling the same thing would happen if I were to lay on top of a speaker while “Rise, Phoenix, Rise” was playing at full blast.  The ferocious double bass that starts off the first track, “Maleficent” (which I believe is the name of the witch in “Sleeping Beauty”), would surely have that knot in my lumbar region worked out in no time at all.  I could also get a girlfriend, but this CD is way cheaper.

Fall With Me is metalcore with a tinge of melody thrown in; just enough to keep the tracks from sounding too monotonous.  While this one isn’t going to set any new high water marks for the metalcore genre, there’s a lot offered here.  Aside from the truly otherworldly drumming, Nick’s vocals, whether they be screamed or otherwise, are generally spot on and add to the dark and dangerous atmosphere permeating throughout “Phoenix”.  At times the serious subject matter seems to get a little over burdensome, with track titles like, “The Place Where Angels Kill” and lyrics like, “You kill the air I breathe / I’ve got your future” but for the most part, this thing is pretty raw and worthy of a listen.