Review: Fear Before the March of Flames

Fear Before the March of Flames
““Odd How People Shake””
(Rise Records)

God damn it I just can’t take any more of the excessive screaming right now.  Actually no, I can’t take the fact that people have gotten so lazy that they can’t find anything better to do then continue to keep regurgitating the same albums over and over again.  Most of the records coming out today are blatantly plagiaristic.  In a nut shell, yes I know you can use power chords and palm mute those chords at trotting speeds.

I also am fully aware that you are pissed off and need to yell as throaty as possible al these politically and socially charged lyrics that you hold near and dear.  It’’s really cool that you are so pissed off at how fucked up the world is, but I am one pissed off journalist because I can pick up the better half of the bands you thank and listen to the same album.  I’m not hard to please, but a little originality is a must.