Review: Fifth Hour Hero

Fifth Hour Hero
“You Have Hurt My Business and My Reputation Too”
(No Idea Records)

Hot damn, this is a cool EP.  Fifth Hour Hero play punk-fused indie rock, jamming through their four tracks with hooks a ‘plenty and the attitude to match.  In a genre that often substitutes emotion for energy, FHH combine the best of both worlds, serving up melodic vocals over streetwise guitars-think Hot Water Music or maybe Hot Rod Circuit.  The lovely and talented Genevieve Tremblay shares vocal duties with the not-so-lovely-but-still-quite-talented Mathieu Guilbault, allowing for a sharp clash in singing styles and ensuring a unique dynamic throughout the work.

“Throughout the work” is a bit of an overstatement, as “the work” accounts for a measly four tracks-come on FHH, give us more, we can handle it.  We are stout of heart and strong of limb and demand more good music.  Well, at least some of us are-that guy with the black sweatshirt looks to be long of tooth and fat of belly.  The point is Fifth Hour Hero are making something original and I myself am tired of the same old same old.