Review: Fleshgrind

“Murder Without End”

It’s grindcore.  It’s grindcore that takes itself seriously. End of review.

Everything else that follows is not a review of this band, this band called “Fleshgrind.”  It’d be pointless.
I’m not going to describe what grindcore sounds like or even attempt to compare them to any other grindcore acts out there.  What would be the point man?  What would be the motherhumpin’ point of it all?  I’m no grindcore historian (lord, I don’t ever want to write a sentence like that again) but I thought grindcore began as a joke.

Remember Carcass?  They were a joke, silly lyrics, screamy spazz fits and they were fully self-aware.  I don’t think anyone playing this genre of music should take it seriously.  It destroys any warm feelings I might have had for the genre.  It’s all ruined.  All ruined.  Grind your flesh and end the murder because it hurts my poor tender brain.