Review: Fordirelifesake / Deluge

Fordirelifesake / Deluge

Did you ever wrestle in high school?  First of all, yeah, wrestling is gay and so is high school but in case you never put on a signet and attempted to throw dudes to the ground and then jump on them, let me tell you what happens when you get a bloody nose during practice: tampons.  Seriously, trainer dude comes over, cuts a tampon in half and jabs it up your nose.

The three songs by Fordirelifesake punched me so hard in the face I went looking for scissors and Tampax.  Damn, with kick like a mule and guitars that have some serious personality (not just haplessly predicable fuzz) these guys are awesome.  If only I knew how to pronounce their name.

Deluge is a little more generic, another heavy act from the Netherlands, which is home to some of the greatest Greco-Roman wrestlers of all time.  OK, I made that up.  I don’t even know exactly where the Netherlands is.  Deluge is heavy and dark and fast and really weren’t very impressive when you consider the stunning impact of Fordirelifesake, which sounds Netherlandish, if that’s a word.