Review: The Forgotten

The Forgotten
“Out of Print”
(BYO Records)

The venerable punks that comprise The Forgotten have hacked up another lungful of scratchy call and response anthems, locking in eighteen tracks of ragged tomfoolery. These pieces, taken from various projects and comps like Scene Killer, paint the Forgotten as the talented mainstays that they’ve become. “We got nothing to lose,” they chant on, uh, “Nothing to Lose” and they gun through the song with an intensity to match the sentiment.

Loud, lickety-split guitars and Gordy’s vocal rantings give body and identity to these forgotten Forgotten gems and interact with the songs’ other elements in the raddest fashion, especially on “Another Shot,” where a quasi-melody is drawn from Craig’s guitar and the G-man gutturally implores the man to “give ’em a chance.” With this collection of tracks, the man better be fuckin’ capitulating, as Forgotten represents heyheyhey! style and does so with the aplomb. Lots of that fuckin’ aplomb.