Review: From Safety To Where

From Safety To Where
“Irreversible Trend”
(Radical Records)

If you were to take Fugazi’s “Repeater” and put it in a blender along with a Refused CD you’d really mess up your blender.  I just bought a new blender, as a matter of fact.  I like to make margaritas and walk around without a shirt and listen to Jimmy Buffett.  I’d rather listen to Jimmy Buffett than From Safety to Where because I already have enough emo-slash-punk-slash-whatever records and this one doesn’t seem to warrant a spot in my CD case.  “Irreversible Trend” really does remind me of “Repeater” and a bit of older Refused too, I wasn’t just making stuff up earlier.  There are lots of instrumentals between the sporadic choruses which is conceivably a good idea; you’d think it would allow the audience ample time to fully digest the subtle ruminations of the singer.  In this instance however, From Safety to Where’s vocalist (sadly un-named in the jacket) doesn’t really contribute much in the way of ruminations, as this snippet from “Leaving Early” will attest: “Another way I feel so strange / When you’re with me / I feel so strange again today”.  Huh?  Come again?  Is that what passes for ruminations these days?  Of course, you’d have to imagine ten or twenty seconds of angular guitar work and brooding bass interspersed between each line.  No thanks.