Review: The Geminus Sect

The Geminus Sect
(Sin Klub Entertainment)

From what I know of guitar driven industrial music, Ministry pretty much paved the way so all bands engaged in this kind of music by default are instantly compared to Ministry and I won’t disappoint trackers and fans of music criticism trends by not comparing the Geminus Sect to Ministry.  From the heavy, mostly plodding guitars to the extremely distorted harsh vocals this has Ministry written all over it.

It also has Rob Zombie written on it in several places as well, mostly unmentionable places that good Christians don’t even like to think about.  Places like the underside of a rutting baboon.

Furthermore, Geminus Sect sounds exactly like what you’d expect from a band on a label called “Sin Klub” that spells the word “club” with a “k” in that delightful alterna-loser way.  There ain’t nothing here that you can’t get elsewhere, but then again there ain’t nothing elsewhere that you can’t get here.  So come and get it you pleather wearing, club-hopping jackasses.