Review: Girlush Figure

Girlush Figure
““Rotten To The Core””
(Rodent Popsicle)

Hatred/Blasphemy, Torture/Wounds, and Agony/Catholicism…theses are words that describe the immorality of the ladies from Girlush Figure. After five years the Virginia trio is calling it quits and heading in different directions. Oh, but they aren’t leaving us empty handed. “Rotten To The Core” withholds a very Babes In Toyland-esque sound, while maintaining an original composite of imagination and artistry. It’s full of fem-angst. Think Bikini Kill and Kleenex going head to head in a full out bitch rock death-match. It was amusing to find that the track listing ranked in at number “69”…how fitting? In all actuality this is a ten-track album, with five-second silent track jumps until number 69 is reached, where a musical outro is presented. Bitch rock? Yes, infact it is, but don’t let these girls fool you they’ll slay you with their own two hands.