Review: Giving Chase

Giving Chase
“Nothing Ever Changes”
(Jump Start)

Merging hardcore and punk rock has become more and more common over the recent years, the only problem is that there are only a handful of bands that do it well. Giving Chase has positioned themselves to be added to the list of bands that merge the two effortlessly. Taking the best elements of a band like Boy Sets Fire and combining it with the punk rock attitude of a band like Anti-Flag makes Giving Chase a band that can develop into a forerunner on the scene.

Mike Woliansky is definitely one of the group’s strengths as he sings and screams with conviction and emotion making the music that much more potent. The one drawback I saw to this CD was the fact that although everything sounds great, nothing is truly all that memorable. Sure the songs are ok but they’re missing that certain punch that will push the band over the edge and into the spotlight.