Review: Glass Casket

Glass Casket
“”We Are Gathered Here Today””

Glass Casket are here to assault the senses every way possible, much like bands like Candiria and Converge have done in the past. The guitars screech with a fevered pitch while the drums blast with sonic intensity. There are some amazing breakdowns with stop on a dime timing changes here that will leave you with left with jaw wide open. Tracks like ‘And So It Was Said’ are nothing more than complex assaults on the audience.

The more I listened to this CD the more I got into what Glass Casket were trying to accomplish here, my biggest beef is that this CD is non-stop aggression from the moment the CD opens.  The band’s music a kick to the balls, but sooner or later you become numb to those kicks. Everything here whizzes by at insane pace that you’re left trying to wrap your mind around what just happened. This CD should definitely be checked out by anyone who is into black metal, death metal or even hardcore, because I think you’ll find you may have a new favorite band.