Review: Hanover Saints

Hanover Saints
“Truth Rings Out”
(Facedown Records)

There aren’t any songs about ale or pubs or anything, so I’m having a tough time calling this one gutter-punk.  I guess Hanover Saints have got a bit of the street-punk sound going with their quick tempos and fast picking a la FYP or Cockney Rejects but their lyrical content is a little too highbrow to get lumped in with those other acts.  In “You’re Not Alone” lead singer Brian Faucett wails, “Stark raving mad with angry faces / Hangin’ out at all the usual places…Reciting the best written rhetoric / Alleyway boys and rival crews / Used to be friends and not ashamed of you”.  The majority of the tracks focus on the excess of violence in today’s world and the myriad of ways there are to combat the problem.  While I can’t say that all thirteen tracks held my attention, I can say that there’s enough here to satisfy fans of the Bouncing Souls until their next record comes out.  Hanover Saints formed after the demise of Faucett’s previous outfit, Anguish Unsaid, and judging by the material on this initial offering are sure to be around for a while to come.