Review: Hanzel und Gretyl

Hanzel und Gretyl
“Uber Alles”

An American, English speaking band dresses up in lederhosen and pretends to be a German, German speaking, industrial dance band.  The music isn’t all that bad.  It has a cutting aggressive edge made more violent by the rough guttural sound of the German language on English speaking ears.  The vocals are a coarsely shouted, distortion laden affair that easily recalls Ministry or that “du, du habst mich” band who really is from Germany.  Some who come across this album will be taken aback by the sounds sampled from Hitler rallies and the lyrics about blood and superiority.

The band says it’s all just a joke and everyone’s entitled to their jokes, but I don’t have to find them funny.  In fact, I don’t.  Be honest.  Don’t waste my time with your stinking third Reich theatrics.  I like the look of the guy and gal who make up the band respectively as Hanzel and Gretyl.  They have a cool old world German look to them mixed with giant boots and goggles.  The music gets the blood pumping, but there’s no way this could hold up to repeat listenings.  It’s not that it grates on a guy.  Rather it’s that you just start feeling like scum listening to songs with titles like “SS Deathstar Supergalactik” and “Third Reich From the Sun.”