Review: Helmet

“Unsung: The Best of Helmet (1991-1997)”

And the Helmet fans rejoiced. As a fan, buying a ‘Best Of’ compilation is a weird thing to do. After all, I already own every Helmet album in their five disc discography (I count ‘Born Annoying’ as an album – fuck off) and can probably find the miscellaneous soundtrack and various artists tracks on the internet, so why? Oh, maybe because Helmet is the fucking most sugar covered motherfucking donut in a bakers motherfucking sugar covered dozen? Man I’m hungry.

There’s twenty one tracks on this comp, with a handful taken from each album and then filling up the rest with misc songs (yes, even ‘Judgment Night’ with House of Pain from the movie Judgment Night, a decent flick with Denis Leary and that half-bald guy from PCU). I can’t help but think that vocalist/guitarist Page Hamilton (the guy who made this happen) would love to get the band back together and tour, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.