Review: Bravehearts

(Nas & Ill Will Records)

Much to my dismay, this album had nothing to do with William Wallace or Mel Gibson. (Snare, Snare, Cymbal) Queens Bridge’s golden boy, Nas, is at it again, with his understudies The Bravehearts. New York Gangster to the fullest: Bitches, Money, Guns and Drugs. Cutting Edge? Hmmmm…The list of notable producers is impressive, with the likes of Lil’ Jon, Swizz (Casio Keyboard Loop) Beatz, and L.E.S.. Really the beats are cool if you are into the whole Queens Bridge sound, and the numerous appearances by Nas carry a lot of the album…but your album would also be carried by Nas, if he was to make so many cameos on it.

A more elaborate breakdown features skits full of yelling and shooting, a couple club oriented jams to feed the machine, a couple songs with sweet young ladies singing the hooks, and basically (to de-elaborate) containing the same elements as every other run of the mill East Coast Gangster release. If you own everything Nas has ever recorded, you will be well accustomed to the QB architecture found on “Bravehearted”, a CD I lent to my friend and forgot all about.