Review: Soul Position

Soul Position
“8,000,000 Stories”
(Fatbeats / Rhymesayers)

On this CD, MC Copywrite shows himself to be a lyricist of extreme range and depth. Not only does he come off different on every other song, but he keeps the comedy popping throughtout his storytelling. Copywrite gets mad props for being able to carry this CD pretty much all by his lonesome. Production
varies, never leaving you or the overall feel of the project sounding overstretched. Strong musical craftsmanship is also very apparent throughout the mix of songs being offerd to the listener. Some of the lyrical content does fall into too much of an after school backpackers’ convention. But hey, what’s unusal about that, it is the underground! Stand-out tracks being “Right Place Wrong Time”, “Share This and “Survival” (feat.Greenhouse Effect).