Review: X-Ecutioners


Why do the X-Ecutioners even need to release albums?  The three man legendary turntable team of Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, and Roc Raida can be topped by basically no one when it comes to rocking a show from the wheels of steel.  Rarely, however, does this translate into quality recorded music and “Revolutions” leads the DJ record to no revelations.  While D.J.s such as RJD2 and Shadow have been able to put out quality albums using their impeccable sampling techniques (with scratching secondary), thus making amazingly thick and lush recorded music, the X-Ecutioners decide to stick with their scratch-first philosophy; a true act of futility.  While several memorable moments are manufactured, most notably the sample n funk heavy “Ill Bill” and the Slug (of Atmosphere) and Rob Zombie blessed, hard-rockin’ “(Even) More Human Than Human”, “Revolutions” lacks much musical
depth.  Don’t get it confused, the trio rip the wax with versatile and varied scratches and cuts; the music itself is what simply fails to compel.  Case in point, “Live From the Pjs” with Ghostface Killah, Trife, and Black Thought, offers little beyond a familiar, high-pitched synth sample and light breaks for the emcees to rip over.  Regardless of what the X-Ecutioners may think, the turntables are not enough to provide that extra layer of soundscape to consider the music “rich.”  Treat your money right, forget “Revolutions”, and check out the X-Ecutioners at a stage near you.