Review: Holy Mother

Holy Mother

This is very traditional metal in an 80’s vein although the guitars are tuned a tad lower than you’d find on your average 80’s metal release.  Holy Mother is, from what I gather, essentially one guy, Tirelli, who is the only remaining original member who has been with the band since its initial incarnation in 1994 through to this current release.  The band pulls off what they’re doing well, and have more rights to be around than a lot of the rehashed versions of eighties bands that are coming back and touring around in one form or another.  Holy Mother borders on Power Metal, but the music is relentlessly upbeat and aggressively joyful with strong male vocals that really push for power and succeed with a slight rasp.

All that said, the band is good, competent, spiffy songwriters, etc…  I still feel silly sitting here listening to it.