Review: Hot Action Cop

Hot Action Cop
(Lava Records)

Yes, dude, yes.  I’ve been waiting for this record for the longest time, even though I didn’t know I was.  Hot Action Cop’s “Advance” is the Worst Record Ever!  You have no idea how stoked I am on this thing.  Now whenever I hear an absolutely horrid, abysmal album I can say, “This thing stinks, but not as bad as Hot Action Cop stinks because they really stink worse than anyone.”  Hot Action Cop combines the absolute shitbaggery of Kid Rock with the rapping steez of that Canadian one-hit-wonder from a decade ago Snow.

Hot Action Cop does their best to convince you that they’re hardcore with some serious street-cred, but I’m guessing these guys are probably at home on Saturday nights watching “Colin’s Sleazy Friends” (see DVD reviews) instead of doing any of the tough-guy stuff they’re claiming on their record.  I’m not sure how to get any confirmation of this, but I have a sneaking suspicion that these guys are actually Vanilla Ice’s new band (did you happen to catch his “Behind the Music”?  Of course you did-don’t try to deny it) in disguise, such is the level of their rap-metal musicianship.  You owe it to yourself to check this one out, it is that bad.