Review: Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat
“Knock Knock Knock”
(Sub Pop)

These new wave, synth-punk mod-rockers turn out 5 glorious booty-shakers that are unbelievably catchy, initially almost unlistenable, but ultimately so good you’ll listen to it all the time. Understated funky guitar, tight bouncy keyboards, high poppy drums with a thick groovy bass all working together, none more important than the other, with the most enthralling aspect being the vocals. Love it or hate it, lead singer, Steve Bays, sings with perfect passion and energy, matching his wailing voice with the musical melodies, just as the band backs him perfectly with power and determination. To be sure, I wanted to use the words ‘funky’ and ‘groovy’ more than once to allude to the high levels of rump-shaking, head-bobbing action in this music. Music that is funky and groovy in the best kind of way. The ‘I don’t care who sees my ass shaking’ way.