Review: Hypocrisy

“Catch 22”
(Nuclear Blast Records)

There is a point where death metal becomes too tedious making it difficult to listen to.  Unfortunately, the first Hypocrisy cut I heard didn’t sit well so I never gave them a chance.  “Catch 22” has completely changed my view on listening to a group and judging it from a couple of songs.  A complete departure from the black metal they’re known for, “Catch 22” focuses on a more structured approach with aspects of what I like to call “groove metal” thrown in.  If you’re expecting thrash so fast you slip into a convulsion then prepare yourself.  Sounding a bit more like Pantera meets Suicidal Tendencies, Hypocrisy will kick your ass into a world they themselves admit was not like their norm.  The Swedish metal group opens with “Don’t Judge Me” which pretty much says it all.  Fired feelings mixed with slamming guitar grooves make this tune a killer opener.  The third track, “Edge of Madness” will really surprise you with its slow piano intro (yes, I said piano) which gives way to a hardcore ballad of sorts.  “Hatred” will rev you up to about 50,000 rpms with its angered lyrics developing into a fury of gothic hate.  I looked for a band website, couldn’t find one but I found many follower dedication sites which were pretty good.  From beginning to end, “Catch 22” is an excellent album filled with incredible musicianship and thriving lyrics which belongs in any hardcore or metal lovers (or should I say haters?) library.  If there is any question as to this being their last album, let this lyric from “Destroyed” clue you in, “I will not be destroyed, I refuse to be destroyed.”  Got it?